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Our vision, mission and promise


We envision a world where new organizational structures enable project founders and their participants to more easily unlock value, whether it be economic or societal in nature.


To provide promising ventures with the assistance they need to effectively leverage new-economy tools, from “traditional” digitalization tools and financial models, all the way up to digital assets and blockchain-supported decentralization. The goal is to add value, deploy innovative business models, capture new markets, grow networks, and make real-world impact.


To understand your unique needs and align with your vision. To give you the knowledge, tools, and hands-on support you need on your journey to become a leader in your niche.


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With over 10 years’ experience developing and improving online businesses, Drew’s strengths lie in business strategy, financial analysis, and taking new ventures from ideation to commercialization.

In the corporate world, as a financial strategist at De Beers Group, Drew’s creation, planning and implementation of transformative business strategies helped shape the future direction of the company.

As an entrepreneur, Drew’s peer-to-peer services start-up amassed thousands of users across Canada before being acquired.

Drew thrives on empowering ventures to achieve growth. As the new organizational structures and incentive-aligning tools enabled by digital assets and decentralization represent a new paradigm for achieving growth, this is naturally where Drew is now focusing his efforts.