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How We Help

Hexa is your trusted partner for blockchain and digital asset-based ventures.

We work with individuals and teams who are planning to launch or already have launched a digital asset. Here are the areas we add value:

Finance Solutions

Optimize your company's financial management and develop winning strategies for your business.

Virtual CFO
Financial Models
Strategic Planning


Achieve rapid but sustainable growth by deploying digital assets in the right ways.

Token Models
Incentive System Design
Sales Mechanics


Set your strategic direction and reach ambitious milestones with the assistance you need on your business plans and other key documents.

Business Plans
Communications Strategy
Pitch Decks
Operational Procedures


Get the funds and expertise you need to go from a promising tokenized project to a widely adopted decentralized network.

Security Audits
Token Capital
Token Strategy

Why Hexa?

We offer game-changing expertise and personalized service.

Tailored Strategies

We’re business-case driven, meaning we obtain an in-depth understanding of each partner's unique challenges and work with them to craft a comprehensive strategy for growing their business.

Natively Remote

Leveraging a global team means people are working on your project while you sleep. Meanwhile, our established processes ensure deliverables are both clear and on schedule.

One-on-One Attention

Forget dealing with multiple contacts as your project advances. Hexa provides the consistency and personal dedication you need.

Knowledge Sharing

We ease transitions by ensuring your team thoroughly understands the rationale and reasoning behind new strategies.

Comprehensive Service

We extend across-the-board processes to deliver measurable results on reliable timelines.

Exceptional Value

As a boutique consultancy, our low overhead and nimble approach translate to unparalleled cost performance.

Worked With

We’ve helped dozens of ventures successfully navigate digital assets and decentralisation to achieve sustainable growth.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Discover innovation stories.

About is the world’s leading blockchain-based online travel agency.

Their needs: was looking for a virtual CFO to help develop the company financial model and to make projections following a successful crowdfunding campaign. was also seeking an updated business plan, a revitalized pitch deck, and advice on the economics of their native platform token, AVA.

Our solutions: Hexa completed a 3-statement financial model and made projections with a rapid turnaround. The model is being used as part of internal financial planning and for future fundraising efforts. Hexa also advised on the pitch deck strategy and changes to the AVA token model.

Services: Corporate finance, documentation development, virtual CFO, token economics, accounting.

Working with Hexa has been very rewarding for Our token design, it’s economic model, and a keen eye directed to the management of our company resources have been critical to the success of our company. Well done Drew!

Juan Otero,

About iComply: iComply brings compliance teams into the digital age.

Their needs: iComply was looking to prepare for and define internally significant business milestones and improve their outward facing business materials for investors.

Our solutions: Hexa completed a 3-statement financial model and financial projections. Hexa also worked with founders on operational-finance challenges and delivered a brand messaging framework.

Services: financial modelling, marketing communications, business strategy, content development.

Thanks to Hexa’s groundwork, we established - at a critical early stage - exactly where we needed to direct resources. That, in combination with on-point brand messaging, helped up level up our customer-facing communications. Delivery of financial information was precise, easy to understand and always on schedule. Working with Hexa is one of the best decisions we made.

Ash Viens,

About Ziggie: Ziggie is an e-commerce platform for sustainable consumer products delivering value pricing, rewards, and verified quality.

Their needs: Ziggie was looking for help developing a token model and business plan. The founding team was looking at many of the possibilities of blockchain-enabled decentralization, and needed help solidifying a minimum viable token economy. They came to Hexa for technical writing and for our expertise in creating a token economy built on micro-rewards.

Our solutions: Hexa reviewed Ziggie’s existing documentation and determined the problem-focus needed to be restructured. We also designed an effective rewards-based token model.

Services: token economics, market research, documentation development.

Exceptional. This is the word that I would use to describe Hexa’s attention to detail and concern for our project. We are light years ahead, thanks to their input. I highly recommend them.

Dr. Craig Brod,
CEO, Ziggie
Spirit Foundation

About Spirit Foundation: Spirit Coin is a digital currency designed for the unification and advancement of Indigenous peoples.

Their needs: Spirit Foundation was looking for a full-service solution provider who could help them realize a unique concept towards achieving their ambitious and worthwhile goals.

Our solutions: Tasked with turning a concept into reality, Hexa was presented with unique challenges. As ideas are not fully fleshed out in the earliest stages, we engaged in close dialogues and workshops to tackle the right problems and solve them effectively. The result of our foundational work is a unique business case, and the launch of Spirit Coin.

Services: Market research, token economics, marketing communications, documentation development, technical development, community management.

After receiving quotes from large agencies, we decided to work with Hexa because of the value offered, the organic feel, and the founders' in-depth knowledge of digital assets. This was the right decision. Working closely with Hexa, we could ensure our vision held true. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Alex Holman,
CEO, Spirit Foundation

About Forte: Provides easy-to-use tools and services for game developers to integrate blockchain technology into their games, and to support thriving community-focused economies. Forte has a world-class team of veterans from across the games industry and a $100M developer fund from Ripple.

Their needs: To work on special projects with teams in business operations, product, and token economics toward guiding strategic decisions and identifying areas for improvement.

Our solutions: Hexa worked on a range of tasks including strategic analysis, market research and financial modelling. Hexa also worked with Forte partner games to advise on their token economics and the creation of automated market makers and bonding curves.

Services: Financial modelling, market research, token economics.

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Dr. Craig Brod,
CEO, Ziggie