Hexa Virtual CFO

Strategic Financial Services for Your Technology Business.

Do You Need a Virtual CFO?

Taking your business to the next level can be exhausting. Hexa typically works with new ventures who experience the following:
  • An Overwhelming Workload
    You own a new venture and growth is outpacing your ability to handle it. Since you’re juggling so much your business financials always get put on the backburner.
  • Financial Stress
    Your revenues are growing, but you are still burning cash every month. It’s a puzzle determining how to increase margins, reduce expenses or raise new capital.
  • Hit a Plateau
    You’re really wanting to grow your revenues and profits, but no matter what you do with marketing and hiring it doesn’t translate into new business growth.
  • Hard to Hire
    You know you want to work with an experienced CFO, but either can’t find the right one for your business or justify the full-time expense.
  • Raising New Capital
    You are preparing to meet with potential investors or bankers and need to build a strong business plan for them but it is too time consuming.

Hiring Us for CFO Services

Hexa helps you navigate the financial complexities of your business with all the benefits of a CFO, without the costly expense.

Save Time, Money and Hassle

Forgot a prolonged search for an expensive full-time CFO. We’re flexible and readily available to bring your business financial clarity without the large price tag.

Increase Profitable Growth and Business Value

We improve your financial well-being by looking at the best ways to allocate capital to supercharge growth or develop solutions for businesses with stagnant growth.

Raise Capital the Right Way

We advise you on the best approaches for raising new capital. This includes assisting with company valuations, preparing business plans and financial projections.

Sound Strategies and Plans

We go beyond creating excel sheets by working with you to manage your company’s business complexities, pricing, M&A, and technical growth strategies.

What We Do

  • Financial Reporting
    Gain a clear picture of your business’ operations with rigorous internal and external financial reporting.
  • Budgeting and Expense Control
    Discover actionable cost savings and implement efficient quarterly budgeting processes to optimize cash flow.
  • Cash Flow Management
    Streamline AR and AP management to effectively track the sources and uses of cash across your business.
  • Organizational Leadership
    Consolidate diverse internal functions ranging from HR to corporate governance under one seasoned executive.
  • Performance Tracking
    Unlock key insights into performance with robust data collection and dynamic KPI tracking dashboards.
  • Business Planning
    Translate your financial information into business plans, white papers and pitch decks that make sense and grab your audience's attention.

Digital Asset Businesses

Hexa is on the frontlines of digital asset innovation. We already provide strategic financial services to businesses in the space. Get in touch with us if you are:
An issuer of digital assets
Already accept or want to accept digital assets
We help businesses with digital assets solve operational-finance challenges such as:
  • Treasury management and storage of digital assets
  • Cost accounting and implementation of third party accounting tools
  • Recognition of expenses, income and funds raised via digital assets