Hexa Digital Asset Design

The types of digital assets and the way they are deployed throughout your blockchain platform or product dictates its long-term success.

Do You Need Digital Asset Design?

Digital asset design is an emerging field (also known as token economics). Building valuable evidence-driven digital asset models is challenging. We’re here to help.
  • The Basics
    You have a great idea but can’t seem to organize your thoughts and stay focused on the immediate future.
  • Changing Course
    It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. There is no better way to assess the market and align your team around a vision than the business planning process.
  • Preparing for a Business Milestone
    You may be seeking investor funds and need to present your business to people who might be interested or are already interested in investing. You know it’s important to look good and have answers to the most challenging questions they pose.

What We Do

  • Digital Asset Economics
    We are able to assist with developing the sales mechanics and distribution strategy of your digital asset. This includes your fundraising strategy (IEO, STO, ICO, etc.), sale provisions (lock-ups, timing, etc.) and other general advisory.
  • Financial Models
    It can be difficult to incorporate your digital asset into your business financial model. Understanding the impact of a digital asset on your business model is important for it’s longevity.
  • Incentive Systems
    Many digital assets succumb to sell-side pressure. This means their prices perpetually fall. We help create incentives that allow your token to capture and sustain value within your business.
  • Blockchain Research
    With so many blockchain protocols in the market it can be overwhelming to understand the purpose of each. We help you establish blockchain-product fit to ensure you get your technical development right the first time.