Hexa Business Planning

Set your strategic direction and prepare for major milestones with us assisting on your business plans.

Do You Need Business Planning?

Building a business and choosing your strategic direction can be challenging.
We’re here to help.
  • Getting Started
    You have a great idea but can’t seem to organize your thoughts and stay focused on the immediate future.
  • Changing Course
    It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. There is no better way to assess the market and align your team around a vision than the business planning process.
  • Preparing for a Business Milestone
    You may be seeking investor funds and need to present your business to people who might be interested or are already interested in investing. You know it’s important to look good and have answers to the most challenging questions they pose.

What We Do

  • Business Plans and White Papers
    From content auditing, authoring, to designing, we take a hands-on approach to fine-tuning business plans and white papers.
  • Market Research
    To help companies make decisions based on clear insights, we analyze the areas relevant to your success in the market.
  • Pitch Decks
    We help you tell a winning story with stunning pitch decks that will help you sell investors or close a big business proposal.
  • Marketing Communications Strategy
    We establish macro and micro-level strategies to ensure your external messaging and marketing reaches its intended audience and accurately conveys your business.
  • One Pagers
    We help present the most important highlights of your business on a single page so your audience understands your business quickly.
  • Brand Messaging
    We help ensure your marketing messaging makes sense and accurately conveys your business and reaches your target.