Creating new value for business.

Specializing in blockchain
and digital currency applications.

What We Do

We partner with new ventures to design, launch and scale their digital asset-based businesses.
Here are the areas where we add value:

Documentation Development

Through content auditing, authoring, and designing, we help you fine-tune these essential business documents required for a successful project.

Market Research

To help companies make decisions based on clear insights, we analyze the areas relevant to your success in the market.


With or without a digital asset, we help create financial models, accounting practices, evaluate investments / transactions and create optimal financial strategies for your business.

Digital Asset Structure

We’re experts in creating token economics and digital asset structures that stand the test of time.

Marketing Communications

We help ensure your marketing messaging makes sense and accurately conveys your business and reaches your target.

Technical Development

Not only do we help to develop the blueprints for websites, applications and new technologies, we deploy them as well.

Our Process


Appraise existing project plans and documentation.


Gather information on client needs, defining problems to be solved.


Making high-level blockchain and digital economy design choices.


Bringing a product, service or digital asset to market.


Ongoing maintenance and analysis of your new business features.

Why Hexa?

Tailored Strategies

We’re business case driven, meaning we obtain an in-depth understanding of each client’s unique challenges and work with them to craft a comprehensive strategy for growing their business.

One-on-One Attention

Whether it’s strategy, technical consulting, or creative work, at every point we offer dedicated strategy sessions with our team of experienced professionals.

Innovative Ideas

We pride ourselves on an ability to come up with bold new ideas and business models you can’t find anywhere else.

Comprehensive Service

We deliver much more than a powerpoint deck. We cater to businesses looking for across-the-board process and measurable results on reliable timelines.

Certified Experts

We have a diverse team of technical and strategic experts capable of designing and deploying successful business models and digital assets.


We take the time to ensure that your team thoroughly understands the rationale and reasoning behind their new strategy to help ease transitions.

Worked With


Portfolio and Case Studies

About Ziggie:

Ziggie is an e-commerce platform for sustainable consumer products delivering value pricing, rewards and verified quality.

Their needs:

Ziggie was looking for help developing a white paper. Ziggie was looking at many of the possibilities of blockchain without going too deep on any single use case. They came to Hexa for technical writing and for our expertise in creating circular economies, reinforced with micro-rewards.

Our solutions:

Hexa reviewed Ziggie’s existing documentation and determined the problem-focus needed to be restructured along with designing an effective rewards based digital currency model.


  • Market Research
  • Digital Asset Structure
  • Document Development

About Spirit Coin:

Spirit Coin is a digital currency designed for the unification and benefit of the Indigenous.

Their needs:

After receiving several quotes from large agencies for a full-service concept to launch project the client decided to work with Hexa because of the affordability, organic feel and founders knowledge of digital currency.

Our solutions:

Hexa was tasked with turning a concept into a reality. This presents very unique challenges as ideas are not fully fleshed out in the earliest stages. This meant having close dialogues and workshops with the client to tackle the right problem to be solved. The result of our foundational work is a very unique business case to launch Spirit Coin via an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

  • Market Research
  • Digital Asset Structure
  • Marketing Communications
  • Document Development
  • Technical Development
  • Community Management

About Travala:

Travala is a next-generation online travel agency that allows users to book travel with digital currency.

Their needs:

Travala was looking for financial expertise to help develop the company financial model and projections following a successful crowdfunding campaign. Travala was also seeking and updated business plan and advisory on the digital currency economics of their proprietary AVA currency and reviews of their pitch deck.

Our solutions:

Hexa completed a 3-statement financial model and projections with a very quick turnaround time. The model is being used as part of internal financial planning and for future fundraising efforts. Hexa also advised on the pitch deck strategy and changes to the AVA token model.

  • Corporate Finance
  • Documentation Development


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About Us

Hexa helps clients navigate technological transformations using blockchain and digital economies. Our expertise comes from our teams experience advising diverse clients and creating new applications for business large and small.

Our team has a rare mixture of expertise in technology development, finance, and strategic consulting. We are constantly finding the best ways to combine these skills and apply them to the ever-evolving blockchain space.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of blockchain business-cases, and we’ve fixed or created a number of these from scratch. We know what works, meaning we can increase your likelihood of commercial success. At the same time, we can reduce your risk by offering dependable outcomes that minimize time-to-market and the risk of expensive do-overs.

Clients at all stages of development come to us for innovative business models, tokenization services, application blueprints, product development, and post-launch product support. Our passion is assisting with the most challenging and impactful blockchain and digital asset initiatives.

Any consulting firm can help create a strategy, but few can create and participate in a blockchain-based transformation that captures an audience and endures as time and technology march on.

That is the vision of Hexa.

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Drew Currah has over 10 years of international work experience centered on developing and improving online business. His strengths lie in business strategy, financial analysis and taking new ventures from ideation to commercialization.

His professional career started in Singapore with luxury furniture brand, Christopher Guy, where he developed an online marketplace connecting interior designers to furniture providers. Later, he joined the De Beers Group, where he helped the online auction business achieve record profits in 2014. His creation, planning and implementation of transformative business strategies helped shaped the future direction of the company. More recently, Drew also founded his own peer-to-peer services start-up where he was able to acquire thousands of users across Canada.

Today Drew keeps busy by helping businesses with digital transformations, blockchain and digital currency applications. Drew is also a CFA charter holder and has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta, majoring in finance.

Drew Currah

Drew Currah